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A Digital Photo Frame is a tiny TV – a “Mouse TV”

Tomatoes In Mexico Now you can be the Program Director of your own “Mouse TV” by purchasing Themed Photo Collections for your digital photo frame. You can create an air of relaxation and calmness with photos from our Peaceful Vistas collections or you can go back in time with photos from our Memories collections.

Animal lovers can program their picture frames with photos of favorite pets and animals by selecting from our Pets of the Earth collections.

Bring a contemporary look to any room with photos from our Abstract Art collections.
You can even celebrate special times such as Christmas, the 4th of July and Birthdays by selecting photos from our Seasonal collections.

You be the Program Director. Bring your own “Mouse TV” to life by selecting and downloading the photos of your choice from our very reasonably-priced Themed Photo Collections.

Just click on the categories listed at the top of this page to review all of the Themed Photo Collections offered by Mouse TV.


Doctors & Dentists


Of Special Value to Doctors & Dentists

Healing can begin in your waiting room. Help alleviate any fears or anxieties as patients wait to see you by programming a digital photo frame with calming scenes from our Peaceful Vistas and Memories photo collections.

A relaxed patient can better focus on what the doctor is saying, and reduced stress can only help in facilitating a speedy recovery. Patient treatment can now begin in the office waiting room with calming Themed Photo Collections available from Mouse TV.

Attention Parents & Teachers

Kids love to watch TV. So why not use your “Mouse TV” (digital photo frame or computer) to teach young ones valuable math and reading lessons?

Our Helping Kids Learn photo collections offer addition, subtraction and multiplication-table flashcards that can be downloaded for your digital photo frame or used on your computer to help teach children the basics of math.

Also available is a special 3-Letter Word flashcard set that helps get children started on the road to reading. Let the kids watch TV, but help them learn as they watch a “Mouse TV”!

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